Services Offered

Taxicab Driving/Vehicle Leasing

Company owned vehicles for use as taxicabs are leased to drivers as independent contractors.  The drivers pay our company a fee for use of the vehicle and are paid for the individual rides they service under a partnership agreement.

Lease Services offers an EZ Start program for independent contractors.

This program implements a graduated lease schedule for independent contractors. We find that this makes leasing more affordable and allows a lessee to adapt to a company’s standards and account service requirements as they also become comfortable in using any of the vehicle’s technology.

Lessee’s of taxicabs are required to pay a security deposit to start once final approval is obtained to drive. Once the deposit is collected, drivers will participate in an Introduction to Leasing session held at the office of Lease Services that will walk them through the leasing program from start to finish.

We offer several lease options:

  • Day shifts (6 am – 6pm)
  • Night shifts (6pm – 6am)
  • 24 hour shift giving you the maximum flexibility in setting your hours.
  • Customizable schedules available upon request, i.e. weekends

Day and night shift drivers adhere to assigned shift hours for prompt pick up and return of the vehicle to the company parking lot each day.  The 24 hour drivers are allowed to keep the leased vehicle assigned to them at their home and choose their own service hours.